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Q: Are you planning to offer a unit without the Cord?

A: No. The ZIPLEVEL Cord contains a liquid that creates a hydrostatic pressure or vacuum proportionate to height differences between the Measurement Module (MM) and Base Unit (BU). Without a Cord there would be no measurements.

Q: Does ZIPLEVEL work like a water level?

A: No. Actually a rotary laser works more like a water level...they both only establish a level reference plane requiring additional measurements and math to read elevations. ZIPLEVEL is a precision pressurized hydrostatic altimeter that levels and reads elevations by measuring the pressure developed by gravity acting on the net height of liquid between the MM and the BU. A water level is a hydrostatic level that establishes a level reference plane only much like a rotary laser. Water level liquid must be at the same elevation as the liquid used for leveling requiring a calibrated rod and math to determine elevation differences. Water levels are not sealed or pressurized and are subject to bubble formation, liquid evaporation, spillage and freezing. The liquid in a water level moves within a tube yet the special ZIPLEVEL liquid is sealed within and does not move in its Cord and is pressurized with a special gas to prevent bubble formation.

Q: Why would I want to drag a Cord around?

A: The ZIPLEVEL Cord offers numerous advantages over lasers in most applications. Unlike a rotary laser, ZIPLEVEL sets up in seconds and offers true one person operation with NO line-of-sight, NO error with distance, NO factory calibration and NO math.

Q: Does the Cord contain wires or fiber optics?

A: No. The ZIPLEVEL Cord contains a proprietary liquid and pressuring gas. It can be compressed, stretched or kinked without damage. For reliability, there are no wires or batteries outside the hand held MM.

Q: What happens if the Cord gets cut?

A: The ZIPLEVEL Cord is made from one of the toughest and most abrasion resistant elastomers known and is not easily cut. Its anti-tangle properties, broad temperature range and UV resistance make it ideal for job site abuse including rubber tire traffic. Many 12 year old product still have original Cords. If a Cord becomes damaged, it may be replaced by the USA factory or foreign service center for the cost of a recharge.

Q: How long does the ZIPLEVEL run on a battery charge?

A: Unlike rotary lasers, the ZIPLEVEL battery does not require recharging or frequent battery replacement. It runs for up to one year of typical daily use on a single inexpensive 9V Alkaline battery located in the MM.

Q: What is the range of ZIPLEVEL?

A: ZIPLEVEL measures 40' (12 meters) vertically over a 200' (61 meter) circle on one setup. That's equivalent to using an imaginary 40' rod and 20' tripod. In addition, ZIPLEVEL's powerful Carry Function let's you measure over any distance or elevation on earth (differential level) automatically without tabulation or math.

Q: Is ZIPLEVEL a new product?

A: Although we have made a number of improvements over the years, ZIPLEVEL technology has been in production since 1996 with tens of thousands sold throughout the world.

Q: How often does ZIPLEVEL need factory calibration?

A: Unlike rotary lasers that are often returned for calibration every 6 months to a year, ZIPLEVEL never needs factory calibration. A factory recharge of its pressurizing gas is required about every three years when the word Cord flashes periodically on the display. The recharge cost less than a typical laser calibration, features typically 48 hour or less turn around with free return shipping in the USA and Canada.

Q: What is the warranty?

A: A one year factory warranty covers defective parts and labor. A prorata warranty covers the factory gas charge (or service recharge) for two years. Technidea provides free return shipping.

Q: How long will ZIPLEVEL last?

A: With proper use and service many thousands of units are still in use with original Cords after more than a decade. We estimate that a properly used and serviced ZIPLEVEL may last for as long as one to two decades without replacement.

Q: Is there a return policy?

A: If you purchase ZIPLEVEL and decide that you don't like it for whatever reason, you may return it in new condition within 30 days for a full refund of your purchase price. Units returned scratched or damaged are subject to a 15% restocking charge. We are pleased to report that our customers love our product (see the Testimonials page) and seldom choose to return them for refund.

Q: Is there a discount for buying multiple units?

A: ZIPLEVEL discounts start at four units with published price breaks for case quantities. Volumes at 100 and above are priced by factory quotation. We accept blanket purchase orders that let you commit to a volume of six or more product and take delivery over a full year.

Q: If I refer a new customer to Technidea who purchases a ZIPLEVEL can I be paid a commission?

A: Yes, we have two tier Affiliate Program (see Affiliate page) that automatically pays you commission for the buying customer you refer and a reduced commission for purchases that they refer.

Q: Hi, i just need to ask how important is the liquid in the cord of ziplevel. Because oil in the cord of my equipment has been dipping so will it effect the measurements. Thanks Muhammad bilal

A: Yes, if your ZIPLEVEL is leaking fluid or the cord is cut, please put it in a plastic bag before placing it in a box and return it for factory service. Without the proper pressurization and fluid levels, your ZIPLEVEL may not provide repeatable readings. Please see the Service page of the ZIPLEVEL web site for instructions on how to send your unit in for service as needed. Thanks.

Q: How long does it take to receive a ZIPLEVEL after order? In US

A: We ship via UPS Ground service and delivery time in the USA will depend on your location and distance from our manufacturing plant in the San Diego area. EG: California orders are delivered in 2 days, Texas in 3 days and New York in 4 days. Thanks.

Q: Regarding your PC link software....we use Real Time Landscape Architect 3D design software by IdeaSpectrum. It is PC based software. My question is, would the elevation data be able to be imported into this design program to populate into a client design file? Thank you.

A: Almost all design and mapping software will accept CSV or Excel (XLS) files for importing data such as elevation measurement points. Check the FAQs of your specific software for details and instructions on accepted files and for importing data. The ZIPLEVEL PC Serial Link comes with software to easily dump readings saved in the ZIPLEVEL memory to a computer into a CSV file. You can see more information and examples of data from a ZIPLEVEL being used to generate some 3D maps using Excel Chart Wizard here: http://ziplevel.com/index.php?ID=2239 . Thank you.

Q: Where/how do I send in the ziplevel for calibration?

A: ZIPLEVEL does not require factory calibration. The unit has a self-calibration feature that the user can perform in 3 steps taking around 1 minute. Please see page 13 of the ZIPLEVEL User Guide for instructions on calibrating your unit as needed. (http://ziplevel.com/index.php?ID=2603) If your ZIPLEVEL flashes CORD on the display, this indicates that the unit requires a factory recharge service. Please go to ziplevel.com/service to visit the 'Service' page of our website for specific details on how and where to send your unit for service. Thank you.

Q: Can you please email me the directions for calibrating my Ziplevel, I can't find our user guide. Thank You

A: Certainly, you can request a pdf of the ZIPLEVEL User Guide be sent to you via Email. Send requests to info@technideacorp.com or info@ziplevel.com for a speedy reply with ZIPLEVEL information and product literature. Calibrating your ZIPLEVEL is found on page 13. You can also visit the Product Literature page of our web site (http://ziplevel.com/index.php?ID=763) for videos about ZIPLEVEL use, finding the User Guide and also viewing the User Guide itself. Thanks.

Q: I need a ziplevel user guide.

A: You can find the ZIPLEVEL User Guide in the top section of the Base Unit. Please also see the User Guide available Online at our web site along with videos including locating the User Guide here: http://ziplevel.com/index.php?ID=763 (Products/Product Literature) You may purchase additional User Guides as needed from the Buy Now / Accessories page of the ZIPLEVEL web site. Thank you, www.ziplevel.com

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